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How to Achieve 30% Energy Savings from your Beach Towel in Greece

Thursday, October 18, 2012

About a year ago DownTown Tiano III, Ltd. purchased a 13 story office building in downtown Columbus, OH. Among the challenges the new owner was faced with was an aging control system. The system was so old in fact that there was nobody in the area who had the know how to service it. With minimal or non-operating scheduling systems for the lighting and HVAC systems in the building the new owner was well aware that his building was wasting energy.

DownTown Tianos III, Ltd. Property at 175 S. Third

How can the owner, who spends a great deal of his time over-seas get a handle on the energy consumption of this building? The solution is simple…web based controls. Speer Mechanical was able to identify multiple areas for energy savings and retrofit the building with the Philips Teletrol eBuilding product.

Danos Tiano, President says “Philips Teletrol is a great product, I have nothing but good things to say about what it’s done for my building and how easy it was to work with Speer to get it designed, installed, and up and running.”

A sampling of energy conservation measures implemented by the new system includes:

  • HVAC schedules – unique for each floor
  • interior lighting schedules – unique for each floor
  • exterior lighting schedule

The new system has served the owner well, providing 30% energy savings per year. Better yet, Danny can monitor the building’s energy consumption from his home office or from his office in Athens, Greece.

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