Speer Mechanical Chemical Abstracts
  • Client: Gilbane

  • Owner: Chemical Abstracts

  • Location: Columbus, OH

  • Engineer: HAWA, Inc.

  • Architect:

  • Scope: HVAC, Plumbing, and Piping

  • Mechanical Value: $2,058,091.00

  • Project Type: Commercial

  • Project Description: 45,000 SF expansion for a computer data base center.

  • Project Highlights: Design called for installation of nine drycoolers installed in two rows, with piping to serve three additional coolers. Initial design required installation of the pipe runs between the two rows which would have obstructed access for future maintenance and repairs. Through the partnership of Speer Mechanical, the owner, and design engineer, an alternative layout was designed, allowing for easier access. The new design called for installation of pipe underneath the units instead of between the rows. The units were raised to accomodate the pipe. The installation was both functional and visually appealing.