Speer Mechanical Newark - 1
Speer Mechanical Newark - 2

  • Client:

  • Owner: Newark City Schools

  • Location: Newark, Ohio

  • Engineer:

  • Architect:

  • Scope: Lighting Design/Installation

  • Mechanical Value:

  • Project Type: Energy

  • Project Description: Lighting system redesign and installation for Newark City Schools Bus Garage

  • Project Highlights: Speer Mechanical Energy Services achieved a reduction in electrical usage by more than 40% and secured a utility rebate of $4,500.00. Lighting redesign included a reconfiguration of light fixture spacing to provide optimum light levels and eliminate shadowing issues. Foot-candle levels were improved from 20 to just over 50, and the district’s bus mechanic no longer has to use flashlights to work inside the buses.

    Speer Mechanical Energy Services specified and installed 32, 8-lamp LED tube fixtures to replace the garage’s 32 existing, metal halide fixtures. Speer Mechanical also specified and installed four, waterproof high bay LED fixtures to replace high bay metal halide fixtures in the wash-bay area. Installation was completed in just two days.