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  • Client: Gilbane Building Company

  • Owner: The Ohio State University

  • Location: Wooster, OH

  • Engineer: CCRD

  • Architect: Van Auken Akins

  • Scope: HVAC & Plumbing

  • Mechanical Value: $7,300,000.00

  • Project Type: Institutional

  • Project Description: Provide HVAC, Plumbing, Process Piping, and 3D Coordination.

  • Project Highlights: The secure biocontainment facility is the second built in the U.S. and the first in Ohio. The facility includes two BSL-3 enhanced laboratories and four BSL-3 Ag animal isolation laboratories. All incoming air, exhaust air and ventilation air must pass through various levels of HEPA filtration. All penetrations through floors are welded to stainless steel inserts poured into concrete. Mechanical systems included chillers, boilers, tissue digester, effluent containment systems, welded stainless steel ductwork and piping.