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Condenser coils are the most delicate components on air-cooled HVAC systems and one of the components most exposed to the elements. Severe weather, pollen, dust, dirt and debris can negatively impact your HVAC system and result in higher energy consumption and lower heating or cooling efficiency for your building.

Severe Weather Coil-Maintenance Tips


Proper maintenance of both the evaporator coils and condenser coils are key to energy savings, operating efficiency and equipment costs. In addition to inspecting and servicing your evaporator and condenser coils following severe weather, routine maintenance is important, too.

Routine Coil-Maintenance Tips

Newer HVAC systems may require more frequent maintenance. Higher SEER-rated systems often have variable-speed fan motors that adjust speed based on demand. When they are forced to work harder due to damaged or dirty condenser-coil fins or condenser coils, they use more energy to operate and provide less efficient heating or cooling.

Why Proper Coil Maintenance Is So Important to Your HVAC System


Keeping up to date with both routine and severe weather coil maintenance is an important step toward achieving a green building that provides occupant comfort, energy efficiency and energy savings.

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