How to Perform Boiler Combustion-Analysis

February 2017

Combustion Analysis—An Essential Part of Boiler Maintenance

A boiler is a complex piece of equipment. While some diagnostics can be done by observation, a detailed understanding of a boiler’s operation can be diagnosed through a combustion analysis, similar to your family doctor ordering “a complete blood-workup” with your annual physical.

Speer Mechanical: Combustion Analysis graphic

What Is a Combustion Analysis?

A combustion analysis measures the air-to-fuel ratio of the burner to help determine boiler efficiency and also may identify emissions output from the boiler.  Read full article...

3 Reasons to Perform a Combustion Analysis

1. Energy Efficiency

The largest source of boiler heat loss is due to heat leaving the system through the system exhaust (stack).

2. Reduced Emissions

Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are toxic emissions governed by federal and state environmental agencies such as the EPA.

3. Safety

Toxic and potentially explosive gasses can build up in the stack or become vented back indoors. Not only do these present potential safety hazards, they also significantly reduce boiler efficiency.

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