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Introducing Kingspan KoolDuct®, the most advanced and innovative system of pre-insulated air ductwork.

Speer Mechanical now offers Kingspan KoolDuct
Speer Mechanical now offers Kingspan KoolDuct
Speer Mechanical now offers Kingspan KoolDuct

The Kingspan KoolDuct System is a pre-insulated, high performance air duct system for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. KoolDuct ductwork eliminates virtually all of the problems associated with galvanized sheet steel ductwork, fiberglass duct board, and pre-insulated rigid polyiso (PIR) ducts.

Benefits Include
  • UL Listed
  • Low weight
  • Faster installation speeds
  • High R-values with thin insulation
  • Space saving
  • Installed cost savings
  • Low air-leakage
  • Reduced energy usage & running costs
  • Easily modified onsite to accommodate HVAC system configuration changes
  • Whole life cost saving
  • Lower embodied energy
  • Reduced operational carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • Reduced workshop–generated waste
  • Non–fibrous rigid insulation core
  • Zero-ODP & low GWP
  • LEED® points contribution

Speer Mechanical’s Kingspan KoolDuct® System ductwork is fabricated with panels, comprised of a non-fibrous premium performance, rigid thermoset modified resin insulation core, faced on both sides with an extremely durable and protective low vapor permeability 1 mil aluminum foil reinforced with a 0.2” glass scrim. Both facings are autohesively bonded to the insulation core during manufacture.

Kingspan KoolDuct® panels are CFC/HCFC-free and are manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Deplet on Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP).


Speer Mechanical's Kingspan KoolDuct system is tailored to individual project specifications, and custom fabricated in efficient, easy-to-manage sections. Then, installation is done by connecting the sections with patented, specially engineered aluminum flanges to ensure a strong, airtight closure.

The KoolDuct System offers significant advantages over the option of sheet metal ductwork. These include weight, space, installation time, installed costs, air leakage, and energy performance to name just a few of these benefits. Because it is so lightweight, two individuals can quickly and easily install substantially sized ductwork sections. Specialized mechanical handling and lifting equipment for heavy loads is generally not required.

Surprisingly lightweight, super easy to handle, installing Kingspan KoolDuct takes approximately half the time of installing sheet metal ductwork.



Speer Mechanical’s Kingspan KoolDuct® System is designed for use in Building Services / HVAC applications and is suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects in the residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and leisure sectors.

Ductwork fabricated from the Kingspan KoolDuct® System is particularly suitable for use on high specification projects in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, clean air and hygiene controlled environments, high humidity environments, swimming pools, and sterile areas of hospitals and communication/server rooms in data centers where non-fibrous insulation materials may be preferred.

The ducting is versatile and can be installed internally or externally, and concealed above a false ceiling or visibly mounted. It is easily modified and repaired and can be fabricated on-site with non-powered tools. Furthermore, KoolDuct’s versatility enables individual system components such as plenums, risers, and straight sections to be integrated with traditional sheet metal ductwork.

KoolDuct Ductwork is installed quickly

Speer Mechanical’s Kingspan KoolDuct systems are installed quickly and are highly flexible for both new construction and space-challenged retrofits. The system can easily be re-fabricated on site if necessary.

KoolDuct Properties


Kingspan KoolDuct Pre-Insulated Ductwork (Straight Sections & Fittings) Kingspan KoolDuct Pre-Insulated Plenum Boxes

Duct Wall Thickness & R Values

7/8” = R-6.0 (Installed and out of package)
1 3/16” = R-8.0 (Installed and out of package)

Mean Air Velocity

5000 fpm

Design Pressure (Max.)

4 in.w.g. Positive
3 in.w.g. Negative

These are maximum values and vary depending upon both the coupling system and the size of the ductwork.

Operating Temperature Limits

-4° F to 176° F

UL Listing

Class 1 Air Duct to Standard for Safety UL 181 (Underwriter Laboratories: Factory Made Air Ducts & Air Connectors), when fabricated to a specification clearly defined by UL.

KoolDuct Technical Specs Table
Features and Benefits
  • UL 181 Listed: KoolDuct is the only pre-insulated ductwork to be UL 181 Listed.
  • Meets ASTM-E-84 Smoke and Flame for use in the US and Canada: KoolDuct Panels are resistant to burning and spread of flame, far superior to PIR or PUR, and do not melt, drip, or produce flame drops.
  • Antimicrobial silicone: Panels are resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Ideal for use with operating pressures up to 4”w.g. (1000 Pa).
  • Kingspan KoolDuct is 85% less weight than insulated sheet metal ductwork: Easier installation with lower handling costs, ideal for new and refurbished projects.
  • Thermal properties R-6, 7/8 thickness; R-8, 1 3/16 thickness: Low thermal conductivity allows thinner insulation to achieve required thermal performance.
Speer Mechanical KoolDuct ductwork
  • Significant installed cost savings over other alternative insulated sheet metal systems: Fewer hangers, lower cost per hanger, less field labor, exceeds energy codes, sealed ductwork, lower duct leakage rates, installed flush to ceiling to save 6- to 8-inches.
  • KoolDuct offers many design advantages over traditional sheet metal systems: Far superior in answering weight, space, installation time, and energy performance issues.
  • Speer Mechanical is a certified contractor of KoolDuct: Awarded a specialized training certification, thus assuring that uniform, high-quality standards are brought to every project.
  • Speer Mechanical supplies all ductwork fabrication materials to make sure that the highest quality and consistency are built into every project.
  • Kingspan KoolDuct provides a non-fibrous solution: Minimizes the risk of loose fibers entering the air distribution system.
Speer Mechanical KoolDuct Ductwork
  • The air stream in the duct flows only over a sealed aluminum surface: Ideally suited for high specification applications, resistant to mold and growth, odorless, and will not sustain vermin.
  • KoolDuct’s efficient jointing system and sealed duct seams: Virtually airtight and leak-free, SMACNA Class 3 rating, 79% less air leakage than sheet metal.
  • Maximum insulating properties, minimal air leakage: Lower energy costs, lower CO2 emissions, significant savings in reduced heating and cooling loads.
  • Flush to the ceiling: Flush to the slab installation saves valuable space on each floor and within a suspended ceiling.
  • Patented, jointing system aluminum grip flanges: For easy, fast connections to fire dampers, VCDs, attenuators, and conventional sheet metal ductwork.
Kingspan Koolduct Technical Data

To insure that uniform quality standards are maintained, Kingspan KoolDuct® System ductwork should be fabricated and installed…

  • Only by specially trained fabricators and installers that have attended a specialized training program.
  • In strict accordance with methods approved by Kingspan Insulation Ltd.

Here are links to useful technical documents.

Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
Kingspan KoolDuct is available at Speer Mechanical
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